Lord Surya did not accept Shani as his Son, read full story

  1. Real story of Surya and Shanidev’s birth

Some of the things in Hindu mythology seem falsehood just because of some custom and old traditions in Hinduism, it but somehow it is really based on our religion which benefits you overall. In ancient mythological legends of Hinduism Surya and Shanidev’s birth are until this day, stand disbelieved, because of lack of sacred indication.

  1. Holy scriptures in Hinduism

Though, some of them have true signals,  following them it is hard to disregard their essential reality like it is already mentioned in ancient Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Shastras and Smritis.Few of these sacred scriptures are admired as a holy indication of God.

  1. Hindu mythologies

Till now, we are not fully equipped and explored with the bottom of these old older scriptures, which have some of the unseen gems. But there are some of the trails which is very much famous that they have effectively smooth their position in the mindful of many.

  1. Suryadev

At one of them is the mythical tale of Lord Shani’s birth and rejection by his father Lord Sun (Suryadev). In Hindu mythology, Lord Shani who is known as a highly admired as the God of penalty, who keeps on record the account of one’s wrongs and from time to time aids them about their due punishment in the human world, as stated in Surya Siddhanta.

  1. Lord Shani

Lord Shani is frightened off by his followers, primarily due to his connotation with evil threatening. He severed austerity to mollify Lord Shiva and required a benefit to get the power to keep a check on ethics and offense, committed by anyone, including Gods too from heaven to hell as well.


  1. Vengeance

But everything goes with the reason, same with Lord Shani why he is so adamant to seek the power they serve punishment to those who did wrong to others? Just because, he himself faced the same as people use to do with others, he was an also a victim of someone’s offense a misdeed to none other than his own father Lord Sun.

  1. Goddess Chhaya

Goddess  Chhaya is known as a wife of  Lord Surya when Shani was in her womb, she dedicated all her to time, pray Lord Shiva.Even she was so much devoted towards praying Shiva that she did not take any care of her health, which ruined her health.Result that she delivered a dark skinned and totally weak baby called Shani. (That is why we have seen all the images or idol are black in color)

  1. Abandonment of Lord Shani by father

After looking his son, who is not even looking like his father as Lord Sun- glowing and solid, resulting that Lord Sun declined to accept him and abandoned both his son, Shani and Chayya. Both mother and son faced disregard and disgrace and suffered through great pain of desertion.

  1. Shanidev’s tapasya

To seek power and sight, equal to his father, Lord Shani struggled and sacrificed his babyhood and youth too , and did  a strict austerity, to gratify Lord Shiva.  Lord Shiva got overwhelmed by his devotion and intention, Lord Shiva granted a boon to him that, he can only have the right and authority to serve penalties and recompenses.

  1. Surya Siddhanta

Surya Siddhanta stated that Lord Shani made his position as an immortal and added the power of ‘wicked sight’ for the evil livewires. Under this Lord Shani, could serve rewards for good deeds and punishments to all counting Gods, Asuras, Naga, and humans.

  1. Shiva’s boon to Shanidev

 Just because of all these miraculous powers, Shani Dev grew to be self-important. Even Shani penalized his own father, Lord Sun with his cruel vision. The people who aren’t afraid of dishonesty and suppression, and those who are fraud and trust in tricks, for their own welfares, abolishing the lives of others are all the bad work in the eyes of Lord Shani. Lord Shani will  never leave them without punishment.

  1. Legends about Lord Shani

The people whose desire to seek the break from Lord Shani’s strict penalties, they worship Lord Hanuman. There are two legendary tales behind, how Lord Hanuman once had the confrontation with Lord Shani and taught him a lesson that he had blemished his pride, and how he saved him from Ravana’s custody.

  1. Navagrah

Navagraha, the nine heavenly planets, and it is also shocking to know that Lord Surya was also the teacher of Lord Hanuman. In order to offer him a Guru Dakshina, Lord Hanuman insisted that Lord Surya orders him anything that he could get.

  1. Suryadev

After much persistence, Lord Surya, wished Lord Hanuman to ask his son, Lord Shani to return back home.  Lord Shani, the son of  Lord Surya and his wife Chhaya, having an elder half-brother called Lord Yama and sister Yami.

  1. Lord Hanuman and Shanidev

One day Lord Hanuman come up to him with Lord Surya’s request, seeing him there, Lord Shani made fun and insulted him to make fun of his tail and then rejected to acknowledge his father’s appeal.

  1. Cry for forgiveness

After seeing his superiority, Lord Hanuman definite to teach him a lesson which he will never ever forget; he enfolded Lord Shani in his tail and started clutching him. At one point, Lord Shani wept for pity and only after he promised to forgive Suryadev and reappearance back to home, and never wastes his power, did Lord Hanuman free him.

  1. Offering oil & til

The Lord Shani’s entire body damaged and he wailed in pain; Lord Hanuman put some ‘Til’ and ‘Oil’ to calm his pain; so every Saturday, Lord Hanuman followers offer ‘oil’ and ‘til’ on Lord Shani.

  1. Lord Hanuman’s blessing

Consequently, anyone facing the anger of Lord Shani strives to help from Lord Hanuman, who to try asks Lord Shani to forgive the grief-stricken person.


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