Samudrik Shastra : Marry this man without a doubt if he have 12 out of these 20 features

  1. If you have these potentials, marry him without any doubt!

The time when the bond of marriage came into the presence, for every parental, viewing for a correct companion for their daughter has become an integral concern. No dismissive, there was a time when Kings manage the organized ‘Swayamvars’ to choose a fair prince for their sovereigns. The sages with their knowledge bought jyotish Samudrik Shastra

  1. Characteristics of a good guy as per Samudrik Shastra

Let’s look back at the old mythological trails of  Hinduism, Ramayana or Mahabharata, the parents of  Devi Sita and Devi Draupadi, were extremely anxious to pick an appropriate partner for their daughters; symbolic sages were worried about, following which the Swayamvars were prepared, with their directions.

  1. Concept of Swayamvar

As we have seen many TV series and in lots of movies, which is based on Swayamvars, The notion where all the kings were set to have the battle to be superior from others through their mind and The notion. of Swayamvar was much broader..

  1. Sages’ advise on marriage partner

The limits were set by sages and were later engraved in Samudrik Shastra for the gen and benefits of the groups to come.In early age mentors developed 20 characteristic limits, on that limits  a man was assessed and measured appropriate and inappropriate,  that grounded on how an individual faired.

  1. What to look out for?

Samudrik Shastra, is also known as Vedic study of an individual’s impression, look, character, and whole body. Based on this miracle study’s procedures.  A person must look for these 20 ‘Lakshana’ in man before selecting them as their mates for life.

  1. 1st

If a girl is looking for a companion, she should see a quality that is, she would be partner should possess courage, and shall have fortitude. The guy can do anything and everything with the spirit of a lion, even if the endeavor is great or small.

  1. 2nd

Your partner should be vigilant enough about each thing in his life and the ones who matter to him the most. He may not be a tactical organizer, but have an eye for ring holes and solution.

  1. 3rd

A Man who trusts in rising early (not precisely to be rising with the sun) and spreads this motivation other’s to do so, keeping in mind the health welfares, is a man of good intent.

  1. 4th

 A person who shows firmness or durability to withstand of hard labor, and isn’t frightened of hard work.

  1. 5th

A man, who works for equal and liberal distribution and division of food and property among family and groups. The person who believes in sharing the load and the fruit of his hard work.

  1. 6th

A person has a keen ear, heart and aware of his partner’s needs and desires and works towards satisfying them.

  1. 7th

A guy, who understands risking his relationships, personal and professional. The one who is cautious, when it comes to the matters of love.

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Some Men are a fallacy that sharing the particulars of their manhood’s ability with nobles, makes them urban cool. But, if a guy who trusts in valuing the privacy of his love life, is certainly a keeper.

  1. 9th

A man, who own endurance and persistence in all the business of life.

  1. 10th

The person who doesn’t trust in storing pointless things life and conserves only things, people, nd reminiscences that are dear to him the most, those are essential.

  1. 11th

A real man who is very much grounded and doesn’t let his wealth and success, to ruin his rationality, arrogance, splendor and flashiness.

  1. 12th

 A Man, who is determined and modest towards others around him.

  1. 13th

A man who feels satisfied and he is happy with whatever he has and strives to attain, but at the same time isn’t discouraged to about things he doesn’t have.

  1. 14th

A man who is diet conscious and takes proper diet with nutritious food and inspires others to do so. He doesn’t need to be a fitness freak.

  1. 15th

The man who avoids over-sleeping and feels always fresh due to wake up early.

  1. 16th

 The real man persona is modest, caring and humble towards his co-workers.

  1. 17th

A real man who is having a runaway behavior and wouldn’t look for a relaxed escape when confronted by robbers and villains.

  1. 18th

A Man hardworking in his work and working keenly on given tasks, irrespective of outside turbulences, like weather etc.

  1. 19th

The generous man never loses out his calmness and his patient in the hardest of times, and is quick-thinker. A man, who never gets ferocious while rebellious with friends and family.

  1. 20th

A man who is hopeful, and confident of goodness, and also never gives up on his imaginings and way to achievement.


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