Sanjeevani Booti: A divine herb from Ramayana for real?


  1. The history of Sanjeevani Booti

 In the battle of Ramayana the fight between Ravana’s son Meghnad and ram’s brother Lakshmana a harmless arrow could have changed the course of the war. During war Lakshmana got hurt with arrow and lost his consciousness to see that Rama screamed and felt hopelessness. After seeing all that suddenly Hanuman loomed the Lanka’s Royal Physician Sushena for supervision. Sushena directed Hanuman to go to Dronagiri Hill and bring four divine herbs – Mrutha Sanjeevani (a life herb), Vishalyakarani (an herb for arrows), Sandhanakarani (an herb for skin) and Savarnyakarani (an herb for skin color).

  1. Is Sanjeevani Booti just a fiction?

 When Hanuman reached to Donagiri hill he got confused because of the unlimited herbs available on that hill. And even Hanuman is not being able to pick the four from the gathering, he brought back the entire hill. Lakshmana was rejuvenated from near death back to life. The question here is that – Is the Sanjeevani Booti just an imaginary part of this mythical tale? Or does it essentially work for him? If Yes, where is it originate? Let’s see here-

  1. The mystery behind Sanjeevani Booti

In Hindu tradition, Sanjeevani is a magical herb which has the power to cure any difficulty. It was supposed that medicines equipped from this herb could restore life in a dead person. While some scientific literature says that Sanjeevani Booti is commonly known as Selaginella bryopteris.  If we search an ancient text,it has also not revealed any plant that can be ultimately established as Sanjeevani. In certain manuscripts, it is engraved that Sanjeevani sparks in the dark.

  1. What is Sanjeevani Booti?

It’s known by all of us that some of the remedial plants exist in nature.Like holy basil (tulsi) to coriander (dhaniya) many of plants like this have some curative effects.If you see or google for Sanjeevani Booti you will get Selaginella bryopteris as a result and people talk about this magical and remedial plant. It’s true that this plant has great prominence in the society as a whole and it should be studied systematically.

  1. Has Sanjeevani Booti been rediscovered in 21st Century?

 Some of the individuals claimed that they were able to trace two groups of plants in Dronagiri Hills that could be the antique miracle plant. Dronagiri hill belongs to Joshimath which is in Uttarakhand Garhwal and its on high altitudes of 15,000 feet.The researchers are still behind the truth of this miracle plant. Agricultural scientists at Indian National Botanical Research Institute are working thoroughly on Sanjeevani Booti to extract more hidden evidences about it.

  1. Is Selaginella bryopteris the renowned Sanjeevani?

 Biologists still in the dilemma about is  Selaginella bryopteris the renowned Sanjeevani, medical experts, devotees and  researchers as to which medicinal plant is Mrita Sanjeevani.As the name suggests that this plant has a capacity to give life back to the person who is on death bed. Barely any plant that has been resolved to be of this rank among various medicinal plants – Not even Selaginella bryopteris. And wasn’t it made-up to radiate light?

  1. Quote, from Valmiki Ramayana (Yuddh kand 74)

When Hanuman acknowledged in his feet, Lanka’s Royal Physician Sushena stated that, “On the Himalayas, between Kailas and rishabh mountain there lies a mountain of life giving herbs. The herbs are of four classifications: mritsanjivani, vishalyakarni, suvarnkarni, and sandhani. They always radiate light. Hanuman you  have to come with those herbs at the initial.

  1. Latest news around Sanjeevani Booti

Readings led to this plant discovered that a special feature of conflict to scarcity in this plant. This feature makes Sanjeevani Booti skillful of standing drought conditions for long years. Cultivated experts are planning to insert this gene from the plant to various other harvests. In a result, the crops would become resistant to drought conditions. Such transgenic plants would help in stopping  the loss of crops even when enough water is not existing.

  1. Common uses of Selaginella bryopteris

Ancient times, Sanjeevani Booti is well-known for its curative possessions. In the present era scientists have led wide collection of studies and concluded the areas where the herb can be used efficiently for handling diseases. Wikipedia, the current situation Selaginella bryopteris  it can be used for treating heat strokes, uneven menstrual cycles, reducing the labor pains, handling Jaundice etc. – Not that remarkable! Even some other plants that can be categorized as the marvelous Sanjeevani?

  1. As per a parallel research

Mrita Sanjeevani and of Saussurea Ggossypiphora is  the botanical name, which are recognized as ‘Phena Kamal’ and ‘Kasturi Kamal’ in the native language.

  1. What makes Mrita Sanjeevani

Saussurea Ggossypiphora raises at a height of 4300 – 5600 meters in diverse parts of Himalayas. It is made up of  full of cotton fiber and looks like a snowball and is around 10- 20 cm long with white flowers and Pleurospermum candollei is 30- 40 cm long and these two jointly make ‘Mrita Sanjeevani’

  1. As per the Locals of Dronagiri

Botanical fields of the Himalaya have been made the basis to regulate the plant as Mrita Sanjeevani along with mythological references. The tribal’s  of Dhouladhar hilly areas living in western Himalayan areas used to call it Bana or Shiva. They used to bring both the plants to their homes and pray it as they supposed it to be lifesaving.

  1. Uses of this herb

 Both herbs herbs were used to cure coma, intellectual disorders, breathing problems, physical troubles and other problems. The tribal’s, villages, ascetics having information  about Himalayan civilizations, never revealed about these plants with the terror of mistreatment and elimination.

  1. This herb is worshiped since ages

These two herbal plants were used for the reverence of mountain God and Houses of rural folk living in the hills of Dronagiri. Though, lotus is presented to the Gods and Goddesses in almost all the spiritual places located in Uttarakhand.

  1. The divine herb

 The amazing fact about both the holy plants that it been worshiped like a god and an important part of every researcher too,and when these plants grow, they have some spell bound aromatic smell in them if you will equate some other medicinal plants growing in that region.

  1. The divine aroma- himalaya parvat

 It is also very fabulous fact about these plants that it will reveal their cologne in dry state. Undoubtedly, this would happen to lord Hanuman, he got confused and that’s why he carried out the whole mountain to save Lakshman. He did not want to lose the medicinal abilities of the plants.

  1. Conservation of medicinal plants

 It is said by the people who know the old mythology says that after making conscious to Lakshman Lord Hanuman placed it back on that mountain back. The best sample to show about the preservation of medicinal plants. This is the discovery of Mrita Sanjeevani out of the four stated in the major part of Ramayana.

  1. The unknown herbs

Vishlayakarani (the plant which cures pain), Suvarna karani (rebuild wounds and improve skin texture) and Sandhankarani (connect bones) are yet to be revealed. The experts are testing the medicinal herbs documented for Mrita Sanjeevani at diverse levels.

19. Wait, there is one more likely Sanjeevani Plant

At high altitude peaks of the Himalayas, sustaining life is a challenge in itself, some scientists say that they have found a “wonder herb” that can regulate and increase  the immune system,  help acclimate to the mountain environment and, above all, protect from radiation. Rhodiola, an herb found in the cold and hilltop temperature, has led the country’s leading scientists to wonder if it is the end of the expedition for sanjeevani.

20. The plant called Rhodiola

 In Ladakh it is called as ‘Solo’ the makings of Rhodiola were mostly unknown so far. The leaf of the plant was used as a vegetable by locals. The research by the Leh-based Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR) is discovering the therapeutic standards of the herb.

21. Sanjeevani Booti: Still a secret!

 This blog listed down 3 researches that claim to have found the divine Sanjeevani Booti. It is very difficult that one which on to accept and which one to believe! Still, we all have to wait till science stretches us a more clear answer. What is your opinion?

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