The Secret Story of Syamantaka Gemstone, Jambavan battle with Lord Krishna and his wedding

Jambavan: A gem called Syamantaka is a gem which had a supremacy to impart all sorts of good belongings to the person holding it or wearing it. The jewel Syamantaka is known as a gem Sun God, Satayjiit got it from Sun too as he is a keen follower of  God Sun. Satyajit took this holy gem to Dwarka, where Lord Krishna coached him to give it to Ugrasena, but Satyajit did not pay attention.

Satyajit contributed this to Prasen, the person who was hunted by a lion while he was wearing this gem.Then after, it was attacked by Jambavant, labeled as king of the ‘bears’, who killed it after a violent fight and took off with the glut.

Jambavan & Lord KrishnaPrasen’s disappearance fed to report that Shri Krishna killed him, As he needed that holy.To get himself free of this, he wanted to resolve the secret, Sooner he originates the Prasen’s corpse, tracked it and originate Lion’s corpse and lastly revealed Jambavant’s cave.

Then a violent battle was happening between these two. After 28 days, Jambavan was badly tired and he speculated that who is this person who can position up to him in a fight for so long? Meanwhile, he realized that he was not a common person he was Lord Vishnu himself. He favorably gave over that gem to Lord Krishna and got his daughter, Jambavati wedded to the Lord.

In the meantime, Lord Krishna’s buddies, the people who waited for Krishna to come out of the cave, resumed to Dwarka hopeless. Krishna’s friends and family members became exceptionally distressed and began regularly worshiping to Goddess Durga to pledge the Lord’s return safe. Shortly,  Krishna came back to the city with his new spouse. He bid Satrajit in the royal gathering and, afterward saying to him the whole story of the Syamantaka jewel’s salvage, gave the holy jewel back to him.

Satrajit acknowledged the jewel, but with high disgrace and regret. Satrajit went back to his home, and there he definite to offer Lord Krishna not only the holy jewel but also his daughter so as to compensate for the fault he had committed against the Lord’s lotus feet. Then Krishna acknowledged the hand of Satrajit’s daughter, Satyabhama, who was gifted with all godly potentials. But the jewel He declined, repaying it to King Satrajit.

Lord Krishna and Satyabhama

Note: By the way, Lord Krishna’s satyabhamafight with Jambavant is because of a boon was given by Lord Rama. Jambavan played the main role in during the structure of the bridge, seems in the Mahabharat. Lord Rama was happy with Jambavant’s devoutness and told him to ask for a boon. Jambavan wished for a duel with Lord Rama, which he decided, a proverb that it would be through in his next avatar.

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