The story of great fighter Karna previous birth from Mahabharat will amaze you

  1. What is Karna’s story?

 In our Indian epic Mahabharata there was a great fighter called Karna who was acclaimed wrong by the people around him- whether it was his birth mother Kunti or even the Kauravas to whom he sustained throughout the war. Though, here’s the story of his previous birth.

  1. Demon

 Mahabharata says, the Karna was a demon named Dambhodbhava in his earlier life. He was enormously immoral and commanding.

  1. Protection from death

 Karna was a genius and the whole universe is in his control and everyone use to have a fear of him—he got some powers which is gifted by Son, God himself—he blessed  with 1000 kavachs which no one can demolish with knowing some special tricks.

  1. Destroying the kavach

 Said that  from these 1000 kavachs only one kavach can demolish at a time, but only if someone had a practice of meditation  and great willpower of 100 years.

  1. Instant death

Anyone, separately from a true fighter it is also known that if anyone who tried to abolish a kavach would die instantly — that too in a horrible way.

  1. The blessings

The blessings which he had got from Sun made Karna almost famous till he met the two sages Nara-Narayaaa. They fought with him consecutively for about 1000 years.

  1. How did they work?

 If one kavach was demolished, one sagacious would fall dead on his face, the other sagacious would take his place. It was kept on going till many kavachs were ruined.

  1. Almost defeated

If two advisers achieved to destroy 999 kavachs by this arrangement, just when one was left, the demon run to the Sun Lord, who then declined to then hand him over to Nara-Narayana, thus valid his life.

  1. Impregnated Kunti

Ultimately the Sun god impregnated Kunti and the implanted the demon in her womb. It is also said that the sagacious duo of Nara-Narayana took re-birth as Arjuna and Yudhisthira to punish their downfall.

  1. Being adopted

Lastly, Karna was accepted by Adhiratha (and his wife Radha), He was found at  the riverbank after Kunti uncontrolled him since she had become a virgin mother.

  1. His lineage

Adhiratha, Karna’s foster father, was the charioteer of Pitamah Bheesma. Karna required to learn archery, since only the Kshatriya could practice archery, Karna was prohibited from doing so.

  1. Great warrior

 Adhiratha was concerned that if Karna decided to learn archery, he would easily infuriate the Kshatriya clan.  Rather, Karna was keen to learn archery.

  1. Pleading to Dronacharya

Karna begged to wise Dronacharya to teach him archery — Droncharya rejected him due to his low caste and even disrespected him Mainer  times — this furious a young Karna decided to learn archery from the one who trained Dronacharya himself.

  1. Parshurama

Once Karna went to Parshurama, Dronacharya’s teacher and made him fool to trusting that he was a Brahmin. According to legend, Parshurama trained him for warfare.

  1. The lie

Somehow that lie was opened in front of Parshurama and he cursed Karna that he would lose all his warfare skills at that moment whenever  he needed it the most.

  1. Too late

But Karna had acquired a great knowledge of archery and he was famed for his power, he also got a Brahmashtra mantra from Parshuram.

  1. Another curse

 A Brahmin also cursed Karna as Karna killed a cow of that Brahmin- the cursed was ,” some day, his chariot will get stuck in the mud just like his cow’s feet got stuck in the mud”.

  1. Parshurama’s curse

One day during the war, when Karna  used his Brahmashtra against Arjuna ,he could not raise the holy mantras due to Parshuram’s curse.

  1. Fight with Arjuna

 There is a mystery that Karna and Arjuna never make an eye contact and Karna had also dared Arjuna in a game of archery in Hastinapur, since he refused to accept Arjuna as a great fighter.

  1. Plot to murder Kunti

Karna was aware of the fact that Duryodhana and Shakuni had shaded a plan to burn Kunti and Pandavas are thriving at Lakshagrih. Karna asked his foster father to help him, who soon informed Bhisma Pitamah — thus stopping a great tragedy from taking place.

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