SunderKand from The Ramayana (Hanuman)

The Holy Ramayana tells lot many stories about Rama, Laxman and Sita but SunderKand is the story of Hanuman searches for Sita.The very prominent character for this chapter is of Hanuman’s.

Panchroopi Bhagwan Hanuman


Subsequently, Jambvant admired and directed Hanuman, then he started his journey to Lanka.  Mainak came forward and suggested him to rest, but he declined.

Hanuman and Mainak mountain

During his journey, first came Sursa. She was asked to test Hanuman’s expertise and knowledge. She told him that whosoever goes from here the person has to pass through her mouth before one can resume its journey. Hanuman first inflated his size.

Sursa and Hanuman

Replying Hanuman, Sursa also enlarged her mouth.  All of the Sudden he compacts his size and entered her mouth and came out of her nose. Sursa complimented him for his skills, using his knowledge, he continued further for other things.

Sinhika and Hanuman

Hanuman’s journey is not that easy an another hurdle appeared while searching for Sita. A demon trapped his shadow. The demon was  Sinhika. Hanuman had to confuse her before he could continue.  Sinhika was about to swallow him, but soon enough, he killed her and resumed his journey towards Lanka.

When Hanuman reaches the seashores of Lanka. He got to know that many demons are protecting Lanka. He made a choice to enter Lanka at night but ran into Lankini. Hanuman hits her hard. Lankini understands that end of Ravana is near as she was told by Brahma that when a monkey is the reason of her pain. She acclaims his dedication towards Lord Rama.  

Hanuman hits Lankini

Then Hanuman started with the search for Sita in Lanka.Even Hanuman dared to check Ravana’s palace.

Looking for Sita

While looking for Sita, Hanuman came to another place, which was Vibhishan’s staying place. He met him there. Vibhishan stated him about Sita’s locations. He goes to Ashok Vatika and observes Sita.

Sita at Ashok Vatika

On the same time, Ravana came there and threatened Sita that if she denies marrying Ravan then she has to face the bad consequences.

Ravana in Ashok Vatika – threatening Sita

A lady called Trijata consoles Sita as a friend there at Ashok Vatika.She said that she had seen in her dreams that end of Ravana is near. But Sita is disturbed.

Trijata and Sita in Ashok Vatika

As to recognize to Sita Mata Hanuman dropped the ring given by Lord Rama. Sita turn out to be happy by seeing and knowing the ring of Lord Rama.

Then Hanuman came in front of  Sita and explained each thing that how he has come to Lanka and ashok vatika. He mollifies Sita that the Lord will come soon and then it will be the end of all the problems.

Hanuman meets Sita at Ashok Vatika

With the consent of Sita. Hanuman ate all fruits from Ashok Vatika and displaced many trees.

Hanuman creating havoc in Ashok Vatika

He killed many demons counting Akshay kumara the son of Ravan. Ravana sent his soldiers, but they were defeated by Hanuman. Lastly, Meghnaad used Brahmastra and used Nagpaash to bond Hanuman.

Meghnaad and Hanuman (Brahmastra and Nagpaash)

Meghnaad then took Hanuman to the Ravana’s court. Hanuman expressed Ravana in returning back Sita to Rama and living in harmony.They asked to burn his tail so that a lesson can be taught to him. Hanuman made his tail bigger.  A Lot of oil and clothes were obligatory to cover the tail.And then the tail was set to fire. Hanuman castoff  laghima and became small. The whole Lanka is burnt.

Lanka dahan by Hanuman

Hanuman proceeds to Sita and pursues permission to go back. Sita gives her ornaments and needs them to be obtained before Lord Rama.

Hanuman departing from Lanka after meeting Sita

Hanuman skulls back to Kishkindha.

Hanuman returns from lanka


Then Hanuman meets Rama and Laxmana and expresses them the whole story.

He meets Rama and Laxman after returning from lanka.

Then, SunderKand – Rama, Laxman and Hanuman, encounter Sugriva and choose the future sequence of action.

Meeting with Sugriva

After significant the whereabouts of Sita, Rama sets out to free her. He is conveyed by Vanara Sena.

The Sunderkand and hanuman plays important role

Rama reaches with vanar sena at the sea shore

Demons report this to Mandodari. Mandodari details with Ravana as Hanuman, the envoy of Rama has done so ample damage. Pregnant demons hurt from failure when they think of Hanuman. So this is not prudent to retain Sita. Ravana does not attend to the advice.

Mandodari persuades Ravana to release Sita

Vibheeshana, the brother of Ravana, encourages Ravana. Ravana invectives him.

Vibheeshana and Ravana

Vibheeshana meets Rama and needs for his friendship. Rama receives his proposal friend.

Rama and Vibheeshana

Ravana sends his spy to Rama’s abode. Shuka, the envoy, was taken and Laxman releases him with a letter to Ravana.

Shuka and Ravana

Rama needs Sea to give him the way. When the sea does not listen, Rama means to use Brahmastra. The Sagar produces and advises to refer Nal and Neela to find a method to Lanka.


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