Your wedding date will predict you married life!

The wedding date:


Marriage or Wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life. For this purpose, people consider too many things. Especially for choosing an appropriate life partner and date for their wedding people pay special attention. The family members consult many astrologers, seek advice from the older members and much more.

The numerology for the wedding:

For more authentic information, you should always check your wedding date according to the Numerology. You can easily calculate the numerology number of your wedding date. On the basis of this number, you can also calculate what a wedding means to you or how it is going to be in the future.

Calculation of the wedding number:

Simply add all the given numbers of your wedding date:

For Example- The wedding date is November 14, 2011.

Day = 14 = 1+4 = 5

Month= November = 11 = 1+1 = 2

Year= 2011= 2+0+1+1= 4

Total = 5+2+4= 11


Number 1:

If the wedding day or number of a couple is ‘One’.  Then it indicates the beginning of an affectionate and loving relationship between the couple. They have lived an unforgettable courtship before. They have an amazingly romantic story to share with people. Sharing, caring, and understanding will be the strong base of your relationship.

Number 2:

Choosing a number 2 wedding day indicates that a couple believes in privacy. He/she like to keep things private. Even, such couple prefers an sShhhhhhHh or hidden/secretive wedding. Another thing that keeps number 2 in highlights is the emotional incompatibility in the couple. But what makes this wedding work is their stable connection. And their ability to handle tough situations with ease makes them distinguished.

Number 3:

 People, taking number 3 as their wedding day, are money minded. They believe in marrying out of the reason, especially for financial security. These people think much about what people would think about their marriage. They dream of a big fat wedding. Such couples are advised not to expect too much from their life-partner and marriage.

Number 4:

 Number Four as your wedding date shows your seriousness and maturity towards the marriage. You like to have a thorough discussion with each other. You like discussing the pros and cons of the wedding ceremony too. You believe in the concept of “Until Death work for Your Part”. You both will make the perfect couple.

Number 5:

 If you have chosen Number 5 as your wedding fix. It signifies that you give each other much importance. This wedding success is based on your way of communication and respect for one other. The best part of this marriage is you both believe in giving space.

Number 6:

Marriage is the utmost important thing for number 6 wedding date choosers. These couples have the blessings of Venus. You enjoy making love, affection, and peace in your married life. Such couples work hard for their married life happy.

Number 7:

 Beware! If you have chosen number 7 as your wedding day you are ruled by Uranus. Number 7 represents accidents, lost of airplane tickets, injury, fight and much more. Due to this, you may also have to change your wedding venue or you’ll face troubles in organizing things.

Number 8:

If you pick number 8 as your wedding day it symbolizes an amazing match between you both. For them, good sex is the most important part of the relationship. They always like to stay involved with each other and they look inseparable.

Number 9:

 Picking up number 9 as the wedding date shows that the couple has a lack of frankness. They are ruled by Neptune, number nine keeps up secrecy in relationships. There is a blessing of the divine with this union.


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