Daily Horoscope Based on Your Sun Sign!

Aries Horoscope – Mar 21 – Apr 20 

Today, you may get to share your ideas and opinions with like-minded people. You may finally have a heart-to-heart chat with your beloved and express your deep commitment. You may even talk about your long cherished dreams.


Taurus Horoscope – Apr 21 – May 21

This day is meant for taking some time out from your busy schedule and seeking some fun and relaxation. It is possible that you will be getting together with your friends and family members for a fun-filled evening followed by a great dinner and a late night movie. The strong urge to eat hot, spicy and delicious dishes is surely going to get the better of you. So go ahead and have fun.


Gemini Horoscope – May 22 – June 21
Today you will love to spend as much time alone as possible with your sweetheart. A casual conversation between the two of you may culminate into a sensuous consummation. In the evening, you will amaze people around you with your wit and wisdom.


Cancer Horoscope – June 22 – July 22

You know how to make money, and you are even better in putting it to good use. Today, you will have your one eye on the developments in the stock market, and the other on brochures of tourism companies. Yes, you may plan to spend some money on leisure, entertainment and getting closer to your family. What better investment than the one made on strengthening the family bond. 

Leo Horoscope – July 23 – Aug 23 

The travel bug inside you is itching to be let loose, but things are not so simple when it comes to finding new destinations. With you, holidaying goes hand in hand with delays. So, although you might be excited at the prospect of going to new places, this excitement will be somewhat curtailed thanks to postponements of travel plans. Well, such is life, so don’t go about taking it to heart and getting all upset. 

Virgo Horoscope – Aug 24 – Sept 22

It is quite possible that you will love financial challenges that are thrown at you, as they whet your appetite for success. You will come up with innovative ideas and improved methods of problem-solving. Your current business ideas will work wonders.


Libra Horoscope – Sept 23 – Oct 23

Gear up to play the peace maker today! Your ability to handle the ‘Brady Bunch’ will not go unnoticed. So expect to be put in charge of handling all the disputes among your subordinates at work. Research work might be slow to a crawl today, but the offshoot is that it’s a blessed day to enter into new contracts. You would want to arrange a bit of business over lunch. Good food has a tendency to lead to successful end of negotiations.


Scorpio Horoscope – Oct 24 – Nov 22 

You shall follow all the things to the dot today and making a check-list will e helpful. Your approach will be methodical, logical and robotic. You shall symbolise the saying, ‘Actions speak louder than words’. Your powers of persuasion will help you amass the confidences of many.

Sagittarius Horoscope – Nov 23 – Dec 21 

A day to full of caution; there are chances that your heart will find its partner, forcing you to fall in love. You may be cupid’s next prey. However, watch your steps, as the initial stages of a relationship may be fragile and need to handled with care. Also, it’s time to guard your reputation.


Capricorn Horoscope – Dec 22 – Jan 20
Like you weren’t already overworked, new responsibilities will keep you occupied throughout the day. The excitement with which you work every day will weaken, and eventually die down by the end of the day. This is mainly because you will burn your energy and resources in helping others. But also, there is a bright side to this too. Your social standing will improve dramatically because of your kind nature.


Aquarius Horoscope -Jan 21 – Feb 18

You have your head on your shoulders and feet on the ground. Congratulations! You’ve covered the first step to success. Step two, involves an inquisitive mind and a questioning attitude. Later, you may resort to shortcuts and compromise a tad in quality.


Pisces Horoscope -Feb 19 – Mar 20

Anticipation is all the fun. Sadly, this only alludes to your months-in-preparation travel plans that are most likely to be delayed today on one count or the other. Though, if this is any consolation, your trip, when it finally occurs, will bring you as much pleasure and satisfaction that you expected out of it, if not more.

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