Today’s Horoscope Daily Prediction for 24 April 2018

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If You are born in 01, 10, 19, & 28 of any month you are ruled by Number 1 & Planet SUN

The day is hectic for you but you will be able to manage your tasks in spite of some financial limitations. Today foreign links and friends might prove beneficial for you. You might plan some entertainment and outings. But be more careful whilw driving.

If You are born in 02, 11, 20, & 29 of any month you are ruled by Number 2 & Planet MOON.

Take care more for viewpoint and sentiments of your elders. Today you will be inclined towards personal grooming. A fit & fine day for event managers, choreographers, sports world, bankers and hospitality services, nursery school owners and motor driving schools.

If You are born in 03, 12, 21, & 30 of any month you are ruled by Number 3 Planet JUPITER.

Vocational and domestic tasks will be smoothly discharged. The scial and literary circle will also expand. The interior decorators, furnishing houses, architects, dealers of gold, property, stationery and domestic items will yield better today.

If You are born in 04, 13, 22, & 31 of any month you are ruled by Number 4 & Planet URANUS.

You will enjoy a sound financial and social status. A great day for cosmetic surgeons and dentists, architects, media, writers, academicians and publishers, dealers of gold, diamond, property, mustard oil, iron, petrol,automobiles and surgical apparatus.

If You are born in 05, 14, & 23 of any month you are ruled by Number 5 & Planet MERCURY

Attend to your intuitions and make decisions regarding your kids and family. Otherwise, the day is outstanding for models, beauticians, dealers of leather accessories and cosmetics.

If You are born in 06, 15, & 24 of any month you are ruled by Number 6 & Planet VENUS

Daily tasks will be managed in a routine way. Don’t l be hopeful for positive results in cases pertaining to the property transactions. The boon of calculations for long-term business expansion should be utilized by you. A good day for availing foreign links.

If You are born on 07, 16, & 25 of any month you are ruled by Number 7 & Planet NEPTUNE.

Your professional and social status will be sound. The domestic life will be peaceful. Building material, vehicles, petrol ,iron and printing ink will be in more profits today.

If You are born in 08, 17, & 26 of any month you are ruled by Number 8 & Planet SATURN

You might suffer if you indulge in heated discussions so stay away from it. Also postpone investment in property. The day is good-going for designing, personal grooming, foreign trips, entertainment, participation in cultural and sports events.

If You are born in 09, 18, & 27 of any month you are ruled by Number 9 & Planet MARS

You will face tensions due to some unexpected guests. Some problem related to your kids might trouble you.Your relations with spouse will cold. Be considerate towards your elders. Keep a check on your ego and appreciate viewpoint of your seniors. Be cautious while driving today.

AAJ KA RASHIFAL IN HINDI – राशिफल – 24 अप्रैल 2018

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