His Birth Number will tell his qualities!

Numerology helps you to reveal the characteristics of someone’s personality. One has many strengths and flaws. Therefore, each person is different and has a different personality is shaped and influenced by his social, economic and financial situation too. Let’s bear this in mind while we try to match the following traits with our special someone. Yes?

A person’s birth number can tell a lot about his personality. This is necessary if you’re thinking of spending a lifetime with him. Do not leave your future to any chance, because it is an important matter. Let the numbers tell you about the kind of husband he will become.

Number 1

Birth Dates – 1, 10, 19, 28

Just like the number this birth date keeps up to it, and always remains at ‘number one’. He remains at the top in everything he does. Such men are very ambitious and always stay motivated. They have similar qualities as their partners and also they appreciate them. It’s the case with the husbands, that they prefer their partners to have an identity of their own. They are affectionate and easy to spend life with. If things are not in their proper place, or disorganized they become irritated. They often become a good kind of husbands, who push their partners to chase their dreams.

Number Two

Birth Dates – 2, 11, 20, 29

These men like to have a quiet family life. As husbands, they love the comforts of domestic life, they do not complain about their freedom. Even they don’t want to enjoy as singles, once married. They take time to open up with their wife’s and her family. On opening soon they become amongst the favorites. Sometimes, they may get a bit too comfortable at home. Which makes it impossible for their wives to drag them off the couch. Generally, they are gentle, sensitive and caring. They develop compatibility with their partners easily.

Number Three

Birth Dates – 3, 12, 21, 30

Commanding and courageous are the words for these digits. These are the highlighting traits of men born with number three. They have a strong vision in life and strive with all their potential in order to achieve it. In the hunt of their dreams, they expect their life partner to match their step. Stay taut with and not fall behind. They are good listeners and at the same time great advisors. Systematic in nature they get disappointed if their partner fails to match their energy. They get attracted to women who are charming, confident and adventurous.

Number Four

Birth Dates – 4, 13, 22, 31

Men with number four are reserved in nature and often emotional. As husbands, they are extremely kind and sensitive towards their partners. However, their habit of not speaking much may prove troublesome at times. However, they’re ready to do whatever it takes to keep their partners happy. This way they enjoy happy marriages!

Number Five

Birth Dates – 5, 14, 23

Not all men you meet will make you as lucky as you have number five! Men born under these birth dates are the rarest. They are the excellent husbands, who sprinkle their married life with huge doses of love, adventure, and care. They’re fun to be with, no matter where you go with them! They often make many friends, wherever they go. They’re logical and attractive.  You’ll never have to worry about keeping the spark alive, as they always remain charged!

Number Six

Birth Dates – 6, 15, 24

These men will make great husbands as seen by nature. But becoming better fathers has always been a struggle for them. They are very generous and humble. Also, they understand their duties towards their family. They are cheerful, build strong and lasting relationships and are responsible towards their wife’s.  They often make devoted husbands whose loyalties lie with only one woman, who are their wives!

Number Seven

Birth Dates – 7, 16, 25

These men are positive and easy-going. They have a unique taste for all good things in life. Often they take a break to enjoy a good movie or a book. They have an opinion of their own on all the things! As husbands, they respect their wife’s decisions, likes and dislikes. They let her live her life the way she wants to. They are among the fun-loving partners to grow old with.

Number Eight

Birth Dates – 8, 17, 26

Number eight men are practical and strong-willed. They do not show their emotions too often. Most of them settle down late in their lives. As husbands, they want their partners to be equally devoted towards their profession, views, decisions and likes/dislikes. They are confident and intelligent. Yet they might take some time to express their love for you. But it’s worth waiting for them.

Number Nine

Birth Dates – 9, 18, 27

These men have high aspirations. They wish to live a good life. They’re the boss of themselves and can’t take orders. As husbands, they tend to set high standards for themselves and also include their life partner with them. They get annoyed if things don’t go according to them. However, they are protective towards their loved ones. This is the magic ingredient required to make healthy couples.


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