October 06

Date                                       6th Oct

Ruling planet                        Venus

Ruled by no                          6

Traits in you

Being number 6, you are the lover of simplicity and originality. You are an inspiration to people around you. Your presence will make people happy and full of energy. This year too your attractive personality and helping nature will bring happiness in other’s life.

Health this year

Health will generally remain normal. You will enjoy a sound physical health on imbibing positive thinking in your life. However, it will be in your interest to continue physical exercises to keep diseases a bay.

Finance this year

You will earn a lot of money in the coming year, but on the other hand, you will also spend it all on buying expensive clothes, jewelry, and luxuries of life. Remember that you should save some money for your future too.

Career this year

You have a special attachment towards art and music. Those of you, who are in the profession of dance and poetry, will do exceeding well in your professional career, in the year ahead of you. Others will be able to impress their counterparts in the workplace.

Romance this year

Your warmth and attractive personality will draw many friends towards you. You will always be a center of attraction amongst friends and relatives, but this year you will be bowled by someone special. You might fall in love.

Lucky months                        July, November and, March

Lucky colors                          All shades of blue and, pink.

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