October 08

Date                                        8th Oct

Ruling planet                         Saturn

Ruled by no                           8

Traits in you                          Being number 8, you are a person who loves challenges in life and always come out as a winner which ever task you take in hand. You are very practical, systematic and friendly person who is always there to help needy people. You determination and sincerity at work will fetch you both good finances and respect in society. Although you don’t like anyone assisting you, but when you do any mistakes, you accept them easily and learn not to repeat it again.

Health this year                  This year you have decided to eat well. This is really nice on your part, but at the same time it would be better to develop a habit of wanting good nutritious food. This would make you feel lighter and more energetic, and you will be away from illnesses.

Finance this year                Financially this year, you will be able to handle your money matters with ease and with your efficient planning you will even save some earning for the future.

Career this year                  In the coming year, your efficiency and sincerity, will clearly reflect in your work. Your seniors will notice this and you will be rewarded for your hard work and dedication. Your ability to see both sides of a problem, will be an asset to you, and you will be using this for your and others benefit.

Romance this year             Your sense of duty towards your loved ones, will make you do your best for them this year. You can expect peace and harmony at the domestic front, in the year ahead of you. Those looking for life partner will get an opportunity to meet the person of their dreams.

Lucky months                        July, September and, February

Lucky colors                          Black, dark blue and, purple.


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