October 16

Date                                        16th Oct

Ruling planet                        Neptune

Ruled by no                          7

Traits in you                          Being number 7, you are an intelligent, independent and kind hearted person. You know how to play with words. Using your this quality you will easily impress people around you. Your supportive nature makes you famous in your group. You love to be a leader in a group and can easily sense positive and negative energies coming from the people around you. This year you might go for a foreign trip, which would be both pleasurable and rewarding.

Health this year                  You tend to get depressed, when you get too engrossed in one subject. So, try to keep yourself busy, with various activities, instead of concentrating on one subject or work. A trouble-free year for people suffering from digestive problem. There are indications that you will find a remedy for your ailment.

Finance this year                Chances of earning handsome monetary returns are high this year, as you utilize your part-time to open a link associate of a good concern. Your part-time work will help you devote your full time as you begin to reap rich dividends.

Career this year                  You will be cautious and alert in taking decisions. It benefit you in the long run therefore, in the coming year, you will be able to take wise decisions for both personal and professional part.

Romance this year             Your good-humored nature will draw many friends towards you, and you will have a good social life in the year ahead of you. The world would appear beautiful and a place to live as you experience falling in love this year.

Lucky months                        June, September, December and, March

Lucky colors                          All shades of green, white and, yellow.


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