October 10

Date                                       10th Oct

Ruling planet                        Sun

Ruled by no                          1

Traits in you                           Number one makes you are a person who loves originality in whatever work you do. By nature you are an authoritative and so you always take charge of things which also makes you responsible person. If you take some task in hand, you are determined to finish it. By nature you are very soft spoken and kind hearted person.

Health this year                  You will enjoy good health this year. Time is to control your bad eating habits by avoiding junk food. Keep in mind that this could give rise to many stomach ailments. Therefore maintain a distance from them for the sake of a sound health.

Finance this year                Financially, this will be a good year for you. Some of you are likely to inherit property from your parents or grandparents. Your sincerity and dedication will bring prosperity for those who are running any business.

Career this year                  Honor, fame and recognition, will be all for you, in the coming year. With your intelligence and abundance knowledge, you will be able to impress your seniors. You will be duly rewarded for your work. Promotions, increments and overall prosperity, is what most of you can expect from the year ahead of you.

Romance this year             Your magnetic personality, will help you get closer to someone you love, but have never shared your feelings. This year chances are that he/she might become your partner for life.

Lucky months                        May, August, November and, February

Lucky colors                          Orange, gold, yellow, copper, bronze and, brown.


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