September 23

Date                         23-Sep

Ruling planet           Mercury

Ruled by no             5

Traits in you            

Mercury is your ruling planet blesses you with practicability, sensitivity, diplomacy, and optimism. You are the master of an intelligent brain, sound health, and an influential character. To grow as a better human being, you should avoid being lazy and arrogant at times.

Health this year     

 You may have to visit distant pilgrimages to attain mental peace. You will enjoy a sound health but one of your aged family member’s health may degrade and put you in immense stress.

Finance this year    

You will be benefited from your previous investments. You may go for innovative ideas and start a new thing in your life this year. You are advised to create new contacts and make friends with new people as they will come forward to help you later during your financial crisis.

Career this year      

As you are an intellectual person, people in your professional surroundings will hold you in a high esteem and sought your advice and help. You should grab every opportunity come across you with both hands as it will prove beneficial for you later.

Romance this year 

You will improve your relationship with your partner with lots of love, care, and concern.

Lucky months           

November, February, June and, September


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