September 26

Date                         26-Sep

Ruling planet           Saturn

Ruled by no             8

Traits in you            Your ruling planet Saturn makes you confident, jolly, creative, and enthusiastic. You are blessed with a very effective intuition. You possess a lot of talent which helps you drive other’s attention towards you. Though you are gifted with characteristics such as simplicity and honesty, your behavior towards others makes you a hypocrite and selfish person.

Health this year      Your health may deteriorate badly this year. You need to take precautions to restore your health.

Finance this year    Your investments will yield incomparable results for you this year. You may spend a good amount of money towards luxury and comfort. You may receive gifts and money from your near and dear ones.

Career this year      You may reach new heights in your profession by performing to your calibre. It may win you a promotion or a salary hike. You will be admired by your colleagues and seniors for your work efficiency.

Romance this year Your romantic relationships will go strong and chances of marriage will increase.

Lucky months           January, April, July and, September

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