September 27

Date                         27-Sep

Ruling planet           Mars

Ruled by no            9

Traits in you            As the planet Mars is your ruling planet, you are blessed with personal traits such as active, daring, friendly, and religious. You are always inclined to music, art, and literature. There are few negative traits in your nature that you need to work on. You should not behave jealous or unpredictable.

Health this year      You will be enjoying a sound health this year provided you go for proper medication. You need to get your medical check up done on time.

Finance this year    If you invest on real estate this year, it will be highly beneficial for you. You will be able to make yourself stable financially. You will be taking different jobs of high risk and responsibility. You may travel abroad for business purpose or holidays.

Career this year      You believe in research oriented work and make sure your work is perfect. You should behave a bit proactive to show your efficiency in your professional career. You need to plan your year effectively to get benefits from everything you do.

Romance this year You will enjoy a great romantic life this year.

Lucky months           January, May, July and, October

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