Recognize the Healing Powers of Your Birthstone

A birthstone is a precious stone set according to your birth date. After analyzing your birth number and birth month the lucky stone for you is decided. It is believed that wearing your birthstone can bring you good fortune. 

Healing Power of Your Birthstone

The birthstone is different as per the month you are born in. Let’s have a look at this month-by-month explanation of birthstones and know their various benefits and the healing powers.

Exact carat weight of gem, metal to wear with, day and time to wear, how to wear, mantras to chant during wearing gemstone are very important to get complete benefits of your birthstone. Get your Lucky Gemstone Report now to know all these details.

Gemstone for January Born People

The red garnet is January’s birthstone. It is considered as the oldest and most-worn gemstone. Garnets come in a number of colors, including clear, green, black, red and shades of orange. It is also known as a symbol of faith, love, and constancy.

Because of this quality, it’s believed to prevent bad dreams. And can provide guidance in dark phases of life. It has the following qualities like love, passion and radiant beauty. It helps you express these qualities openly with those around you.

Garnet Gemstone

Use of the Garnet and its Healing Powers

Garnet is a stone linked with regeneration and energizing. It can boost the energy of an entire system and regain it. This blood-red gemstone has been associated with the healing of many blood-related disorders, fevers, inflammation and preventing depression.

It is said to bring about a balance both internally and externally. All garnets speed up the healing process because they cleanse the chakras.

Gemstone for February Born People

“Amethyst”, is February’s birthstone, it has been traveling worldwide for more than 8,000 years. As, a trade product between many countries. It helps to maintain strong relationships and courage.

The purple amethyst speaks about peace, harmony, calmness, and royalty. It increases self-control and strengthens the bond in a love relationship. Buddhist sect believes that amethyst enhances peace during meditation.

Leonardo da Vinci thought it had the power to increase logical sense and protect against evil powers.


Use of the Amethyst and its Healing Powers

Amethyst, a gemstone is worn by healers, as it has the power to focus energies at a point. It is believed to help achieve a restless mind bringing mental and emotional well-being. It’s crystal clusters are used to keep the air at home clean and positive.

A violet amethyst is used to awaken the third-eye center. It increases the sensing abilities; the amethyst is an awakener to the psychic activities.

Gemstone for March Born People

Loyal towards its water zodiac sign, Pisces. The Aquamarine is the birthstone for people born in March. It has a strong seafaring history. Pale blue Aquamarine stone is concerned with good health, youthfulness, love, and compassion.

Wearing this stone restores long dead married love, builds courage and increases happiness. Aquamarine is a stone from the beryl family and exists in numerous shades, from pale blue to blue-green and teal. The deep blue aqua stones are the most valuable and expensive. 


Use of the Aquamarine and its Healing Powers

Just the way a sea can drop the watcher into a calm state of mind, so the aquamarine does! It calms the soul of the wearer. The soothing blue color it has is believed to bring logical clarity and removes negative energy.

It regulates growth hormones, boosts immunity and improves over-reactive nature. This calm stone is believed to cut down nervousness, nervous system disorders and improves mood.

It is associated with the throat chakra and communication. It brings healing energy to the throat area removing any obstructions.

Gemstone for April Born People

April’s birthstone is the most beautiful stone diamond. It encourages perfect harmony with a strong-willed, stubborn, yet an energetic wearer. The zodiac sign Aries demands it. The brilliance of a diamond is unparallel with any stone.

The birthstones meaning for diamonds is undying true love, strength, and romance. The diamond is the symbol of purity, innocence, long-age, and confidence. The ancient world believes that diamonds were tears of the Gods.

It adds the light to all that you do and lets it shine as a radiant beam at the third eye. It awakens intuitions and one achieves a higher mind.


Use of the Diamond and its Healing Powers

The diamond is an energy amplifier. It brings the clarity of light to all that you do, shining a radiant beam at the third eye to awaken intuition, stimulating the higher mind and raising your awareness to the light that shines within you.

A diamond helps solve a confusion filled mind, energizes a depressed heart and brings the spring back in your walk of life. However, this increases negative as well as positive energy! Diamond treats dizziness, vertigo and sharpens the brain.

Gemstone for May Born People

The Rama-green emerald is May’s birthstone. It has been treasured by many cultures in the past. It was among Cleopatra’s favorite gems. It is associated with fertility, rebirth, and love. A true emerald is very rare.

It costs much more per carat than a diamond. Because of being rare, this elegant stone has decorated the crowns and jewelry of royals throughout the ages. Its magical qualities include peace, harmony, love, fertility, honesty and good fortune.


Use of the Emerald and its Healing Powers

It shows a link with the heart chakra. The Emerald with its deep dark green tones is one of the most powerful gemstones. It is concerned with healing. They aid in the recovery of infectious illness, sinuses and soothe the eyes and improve vision.

It heals the body by opening the heart to love and thus results in self-healing, that resides within us all. Those people are attracted to emeralds are true healers to people around them.

Gemstone for June Born People

June’s birthstone is the pearl, which is associated with love, innocence, purity, and womanhood. Pearl is worn to calm an anger filled mind and to control emotions. Pearl wearers can succeed in creative works.

It also works wonders in successful married life. Pearls grow organically, so it is believed to help the wearer to get in touch with simple and truthful things. Pearls also bring out someone’s personality and make it shine with wisdom, happiness, health, and charity.


Use of the Pearls and its Healing Powers

Pearls are the best solution to treat digestive disorders. The soft organs of the body, such as the skin are also benefitted by it. Pearls highly increase fertility and ease childbirth. Original pearls exist in two forms-

a) Natural pearls, found in the sea

b) Freshwater pearls, found in the rivers.

These precious water-born gemstones can cure stomach disorders and heal ulcers. Other healing properties of the pearls include stress removal, headaches, hypertension, exhaustion, and heart attacks.

Gemstone for July Born People

According to the Hindu mythology belief, July’s birthstone is deep-red ruby. It has an undying flame that could never be extinguished by anything. Red rubies are a reflection of harmony and peace. Their beauty speaks about the strength and purity of a character. The fire it has is thought to bring fire into the wearer’s life.

The fire of love, passion, creativity, motivation, and inspiration. This red gemstone brings fineness of thoughts and wisdom to the wearer. As well as it gives the strength to overcome self-destructive behavior.


Use of the Ruby and its Healing Powers

Rubies are believed to change in a deeper in color when the owner is in danger. It is believed to protect from evils. It leads to the removal of negative energies from your way. It overcomes tiredness and lethargy and provides sharpness and activeness.

Also, the ruby soothes the body, by making the blood and lymphatic system pure. It is believed to bring good dreams. Also, dreaming about rubies is said to be a sign of increasing wealth.

Gemstone for August Born People

For the August’s born stone is Peridot. It is found deep within the earth, and here it absorbs the magical healing powers. It is a symbol of strength. Peridot exists in various shades from lemon-green to olive.

But the most treasured shade is the bright lime. The calm color of this stone brings joyful energy. That helps to build strong friendships, remove anger and jealousy, and brings about a sense of harmony. Wearing Peridot can increase confidence and patience level.


Use of the Peridot and its Healing Powers

Peridot is considered a visionary stone, bringing wearers an understanding of their existence and destiny. It is thought to strengthen the immune system, metabolism and benefit the skin. Tradition says you will be able to successfully ward off evil, enchantments, and depression if you wear or carry Peridot.

The yellow and green colors of peridot are combined to aid even the most sensitive people. This stone soothes your worries and tames your fears and is the perfect gemstone to wear during stressful times.

Gemstone for September Born People

Sapphire, the dazzling deep blue birthstone of September people. It has been a stone to many of the traditional legends. It is a symbol of dignity, loyalty, calmness, faith, purity, and logic. The blue sapphire is referred to as the “wisdom stone”. It provides balance to a person’s life physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.

It imparts joy, lightheartedness, and calmness to the wearer. The precious stone is linked to enlighten the mind. The blue sapphire raises your self-belief to accept your holiness, brilliance and other good qualities.


Use of the Sapphire and its Healing Powers

A favorite stone of the priests and kings. The sapphire is a symbol of strength, purity, and logic. It helps to treat the blood disorders, fights excessive bleeding and strengthens the walls of the veins. They are also used in cellular disorders, to regulate the glands and calm body systems.

Whereas the medium-dark blue shade is the most treasured shade of sapphire. The stone exists in a rainbow of colors, which are purple, pink, yellow, green, and orange. Each color of this stone contains different magical and healing powers. Wearing a Sapphire helps to give a better understanding of the future.

Gemstone for October Born People

The many-hued Opal! This stone is believed to reflect the mood of the owner. The opal generates imagination, originality, and creativity out of the wearer. This gemstone releases secretive signals to make the owner ‘invisible’.

If he/she does not wishes to be seen by someone. The opal is a symbol of faithfulness and confidence. The qualities of opal are expressive and creative, depending on the grade and size of it.


Use of the Opal and its Healing Powers

Necklaces made with Opals are full set to ward off evil and protect eyesight. Opals represent hope, creativity, and innocence. Opals help to sharpen the memory and increase the will to live.  

They treat infections and high-fevers, clean and purify the blood and kidneys, and also regulate insulin. Opals also have a strong link with the females. They are thought to relax a woman during pregnancy and ease the childbirth process. They calm women’s health issues. Wearing an opal is healthy and energizing.

Gemstone for November Born People

November’s birthstone is the Yellow Topaz. It has been warming the hearts since ancient Egyptian ages. The heat of this fiery stone gives a strong sense of true love and passion. Compassion, kindness, and empathy are a reflection of this stone.

The name topaz comes from a Sanskrit word named tapas, which means “fire.” Topaz is also associated with wisdom, strength, courage, and peace. It heals the physical pain, promotes calmness and balances emotions. Topaz promotes forgiveness and put an end to negative emotions.


Use of the Topaz and its Healing Powers

The yellow Topaz is ruled by the sun, so it gives strength, power, and protection to the wearer. It aids intelligence and creativity. As a healing stone, it is believed to bring a sense of balance by relieving one from tension, stress, and emotions.

The stone is linked with the navel chakra and thus, helps you feel full of energy, strengthening your will power.

Gemstone for December Born People

The soft sky-blue color of turquoise is heartwarming!  This beautiful stone is December’s birthstone. This has made it the “stone of heaven” for thousands of years. It is a strong symbol of good fortune and success.

It is believed to relax the mind protecting its wearer from any harm. Turquoise denotes wisdom and a higher sense of truth. Associated with the throat chakra, turquoise helps you to have a voice of wisdom and accept the reality.


Use of the Turquoise and its Healing Powers

Turquoise is considered as a great healing stone by numerous cultures. Ancient practitioners believed that turquoise actually changes color when the wearer falls ill or dangerous situation arrives.

The turquoise stone aids the absorption of nutrients by the body & strengthens the immune system, fastens the regeneration of the tissue, and heals the body. When worn near a body part that’s in pain or unhealed, this stone is said to absorb negative energy.

A bracelet of turquoise is believed to detoxify the blood and add purity. As when the blood flows under it all the negativities are absorbed.

Final Words

So what’s your birth month? Know your birthstone and understand what it can do for you.  A birthstone can rise your luck, can solve many of your problems, bring you success, and can do many other things.

If you’re curious about what your stone’s significance is or what you lucky stones are, contact us now and get your Lucky Gemstone Report.

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