Lord Krishna have a look at these 64 qualities of our dearest

Did You Know These 64 Qualities Lord Krishna have?

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Krishna is also referred to as ‘Leeladhar’! Along with his Krishna Leela, he inspired people to be confident. And stay against violence and non-religious things.

It is clear from the fact that Lord Krishna was a living example of wisdom and powers. This is also quoted in the Bagwatpuran in the following way –

Prabhvo Sarvavidyanam Sarvagyo Jagadishvaro Nanyasiddhamalgyanam Guhmano Narehite


(प्रभवौ सर्वविद्यानां सर्वज्ञौ जगदीश्वरौ। नान्यसिद्धामलज्ञानं गूहमानौ नरेहितैः।।)

The meaning is this that Lord Krishna and Balarama are the masters of this existing universe. They are the source of all the knowledge and power of the world. Yet they still lived among human beings, but why? Their secrets of them are kept hidden. Look below to check out these 64 qualities of him that made Krishna a favorite of the people.

The true knowledge:

By the help of bookish knowledge, anyone can earn a lot of money and lead a comfortable life. But there is no guarantee of peace in the person’s life. For the peace of mind, a special service is important. The knowledge achieved by efforts can bring ego and incompleteness in a person. Service of a teacher lets him gain knowledge but also prevents oneself from ego and superiority complexes. Thus, he/she becomes successful. Krishna and Balarama in Ujjain, it lies in the state of Madhya Pradesh. They learned 64 arts from their Guru Sandipani in just 64 days. These 64 tricks of art were extremely useful in the war of Kurukshetra. This way they crushed huge achievers. Guru Sandipani taught Lord Krishna and Balrama all that was present in the Vedas, scriptures, Upanishads, and mantras. Including the knowledge related to Gods, Dhanurved, holy books, logic, etc. The concept of treaty, war, meditation, postures, and politics was also told to them by their guru.

The 64 qualities are as follows:

  1. Dance- All kinds of dance
  2. Instruments- All kinds of instruments
  3. Singing
  4. Drama- Acting skills
  5. Witchcraft
  6. Creating drama
  7. How to make scented stuff like perfume, oil etc.
  8. Adorning jewelry made of flowers
  9. to tame vampires and evils etc.
  10. Kids games
  11. Art to conquer
  12. Mantravidya
  13. Differentiate between the good and the evil
  14. Cutting gems in varied sizes
  15. Creating a diverse Matrakayantra
  16. Forming sign language
  17. Stopping water flow
  18. Creating an embroiderer
  19. Creating gifts from rice and flowers for worshipping
  20. Creating a bed of flowers
  21. Talking to the birds.
  22. Tree therapy
  23. Fight like lamb, chicken, quail, etc.
  24. Mode of defluxion
  25. How to build a house
  26. How to make carpets, rugs, etc
  27. Carpenters job
  28. To know right posture of the arrow
  29. Cooking all types of cuisines
  30. Quick at all works
  31. Getting into any disguise
  32. Making all kinds of drinks
  33. Knowledge of all sports
  34. Knowledge of all verses
  35. Art of wearing and hiding clothes
  36. Attraction for distant objects and humans
  37. Clothes and jewelry making
  38. Necklace making
  39. Making medicines
  40. Making flower ornaments
  41. Creating puppets and making them dance
  42. Creating images
  43. Making riddles
  44. Stitching clothes
  45. Art of cleaning hair
  46. Guessing what others are thinking
  47. being able to speak many languages of the world
  48. being able to understand hidden meanings in poems
  49. The worth of gold, silver, diamonds and other metals like iron etc.
  50. The art of differentiating precious gems from the other stones
  51. Identify the color of beads
  52. Identification of mines and ores
  53. Painting
  54. Tooth and body tattoo art
  55. Art of composing music etc.
  56. Making floors using gems
  57. Delicacy
  58. Scriptures
  59. Inventing new things
  60. Finding solution for any kind of problem
  61. Knowledge of all the books
  62. Art of completing incomplete Shlokas
  63. Getting work done in a logical way
  64. Making ear and head ornaments with leaves


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