You are lucky if your wife shows these four traits!

A wife good it looks with a curvy body, who can cater to you and your family’s needs all the time. And this is what most Indian men desire for in their life partner. Well, a good luck with that. However, according to the theories of Garuda Purana, there are certain special qualities in some women. Which if you find in your wife, you should consider yourself to not less than any king. The Garuda Purana mentions that a man’s life becomes easy, comfortable, beautiful and smooth going. If they marry a woman, who has these qualities in her. Find out below, if your wife has these qualities as enlisted by the Garuda puranas or not.

The four qualities of a good wife: 

  • A Perfect Homemaking expert-

सा भार्या या गृहे दक्षा सा भार्या या प्रियंवदा। सा भार्या या पतिप्राणा सा भार्या या पतिव्रता।।

The above-written segment means that a wife who is efficient in household jobs. And is loving and dedicated towards her husband. Also, whose worlds revolve around him is a real wife. Then a couple is a good husband and wife couple.

  • wifeSweet and soft-spoken-

A wife speaking soft and sweet words keeps the mind of her husband at peace. She totally captures her husband’s heart and produces a good husband and wife relationship. Also, a woman who speaks sweetly to her in-laws and elders in the house deserves to be respected.

  • A thinker like her husband-

The woman who listens to her husband advice and stay rooted with him. That kind of wife is considered the most devoted and one ahead in religious texts.

  • Follower of religion-

As per Garuda purana, before following any religious right. Her first duty is towards her family. To care and give them proper nourishment. An epic woman is one who looks after everyone and every need of the family. About the ones in the house, who even speak less. Also, she looks after her appearance and serves her husband, elders, and in-laws with respect. A man with these qualities in his wife lives a life somewhat similar to Indra Dev. As we all know, about the doting wife of Indra.

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