Palm Reading

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Palmistry-Reveal your Palm meaning

Palmistry or chiromancy, also it is spelled as cheiromancy. It is a claim of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of one’s palm. Therefore, it iscalled as palm reading or chirology. Its practice is found all over the world, with many cultural differences. Practitioners or performers of chiromancy are regardedas palm readers,palmists, hand readers, hand analysts or chirologists. There are many matches and reviews of various hand lines and palmar features across various schools of palmistry. These differences between interpretations, lack of factual support for palmistry's outcomes, contribute to palmistry's position as a pseudoscience among academics.

Palmistry leads with the meaning of palm reading or hand prediction. It is to learn about person’s personality, luck and future by analyzing his/her hands. In fact, palmistry not only includes reading one’s hand or palm. Reading of arm, finger and fingernail also come under it. By reading the palm line, hand shape and size, fingers length and flexibility, fingernail type etc. This way we can predict one’s character traits, health, wealth, intelligence, career, marriage and many more aspects of life.

Before reading the palm, you should choose your right hand to read. Schools have different thoughts on this matter. Some people also think that the right one is for female and left for males. As a matter of concern, both of the hands play great importance inhand reading astrology. But definitely, one is dominant or superior while the other is passive. When it comes to how to read palms? It’s that in palmistry, there is the notion of an active hand and a passive hand as told above. It is basically done by studying the major hand lines. That is by studying heart line, head line, life line and fate line. Also the left hand usually tellsthat you were born with physically and materially. The right hand represents what you would become after growing up. So, the right hand is considered dominant in palm reading.Whilethe left is for supplement.

The reading of hands is not something fake or disbelief. It is a science, studied from ancient times along with astrology.It has developed and been used ever since, right up until this present day making hand reading astrology recognized. It is in trend more than ever today, especially in these stressful modern times.Where we are all searching for truth and answers within our souls. Many doctors and psychologists who have investigated this science. Conclude that hands have the strength to reveal a person’s character, health and mentalstates. Although Palmistry is an art, by using sixth sense a much greater understanding level can be achieved. The one thing that many people are unknown to about palmistry, is that the lines on the palm as well as the shape of the hands keep changing.Within as little as two-three months time span.Throughout the history most talented Palmists were available. But only a few people in their local neighborhood. Now a great thanks to the modern technology. As now anyone, anywhere in the world can have a reading.From the most experienced and gifted palm readers on the planet. KismatConection offers your Personal Palm Readings online through Email. Providing you genuine results and enrolling your hidden traits.