Selling these 14 things is unlucky in Lord Vishnu’s eyes

Hinduism says don’t sell these unhealthy things:

Vishnu Purana is one of the primary text which centers the Hindu deity Vishnu and his avatars of all times. This Holy Scripture is an anthology of knowledge which was by Vishnu to Lakshmi, Narada, and Garuda. The manuscripts of the Vishnu Purana are just as a safety measure. For this tough and poisonous yuga called as the Kaliyuga. This yuga is filled with fear, terror, angry mindset and non-human relations.

The knowledge of Vishnu Purana:

‘Veda Vyas’ was the author of it. And the Vishnu Purana, speaks about the importance of Vedic life and following the rightful path. It also teaches about the simple rules of living life. That would help one to achieve happiness, peace, and wellness in their life.

It’s simple to be happy but difficult to be simple:

Lord Vishnu says that a person should be ready to help. When it comes to helping one another and he/she should not hold a selfish motive. Ones who uses and abuses Nature(Prithvi)  for his own purposes is a bad person. This way he/she fulfills the selfish motives and is a sinner in the eyes of Vishnu.

Beware of the following:

Given below are the following 14 things which should not be sold for money or any other motives under any difficult situation-

#1. Fruits & vegetables-

The fruits & vegetables are natural products given to us by the Mother Nature. Therefore, they must not be sold for money.

#2. Salt:

One must secure himself from selling salt to the poor. It is cheap widely available so one must make donations to it. So, that the poor can enjoy a good taste of food.

#3. Medicines:

Selling any kind medical aid to a needy should be free of cost. In such tough times making money through offering treatment is considered as a sin in the eyes of Vishnu.

#4. Flesh or meat:

A person must not get involved in buying or selling of flesh or meat. Especially for the consumptions purposes, if done it becomes a major sin. Those who kill or hurt innocent living creatures are big sinners as per Vishnu.

#5. Selling food:

A person must not make money out of selling cooked or baked food to the needy people.

#6. The chapattis:

Lord Vishnu explains that a person must serve chapattis to the hungry or needy. But selling them to seek money in return makes him count among the sinners.

#7. Curd:

Selling of curd is strictly referred to as an inauspicious thing. As it is clearly mentioned in the Vishnu Purana.

#8. The holy Cow:

The cow is believed to be a holy animal according to the Hindu belief. Thus churning her holy milk for selling is a sin. If the purpose is not feeding but making money is turns in a huge sin.

#9. Honey:

Some foods in Hinduism are considered very holy. They so pure that they only fit to be used as an offering to the Gods. One such type of food is honey, which is an offering to Lord Shiva. It must only be used for the treatment of diseases and other things and not consumption.

#10. Oil:

The Vishnu Purana says, one shall not use oil as a money making product. It is to be kept away from the business.

#11. Ghee:

A household must produce ghee on their own using the cattle milk. But one must never borrow or buy it, instead, it should be made at home.

#12. White cloth:

Selling the white cloth for puja purposes is lucky. But in place of it, if one sells a Red cloth, it is considered ill-fated.

#13. Jaggery:

According to Vishnu Purana, in simple words, it is written that Jaggery or Gurh must not be used as a money-making product.

#14. The white sesame:

Hinduism says selling white sesame seeds is considered unwell to sell or buy.

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