A monument telling about the well-known “Shakuni Mama”

Exotic Shakuni temple in the state Kerala-

India is a secular country where you can practice any religion. Here you can find a temple in every nook and corner. Rama, Krishna or Hanuman all are worshipped. You can also find different temples worshipping different Gods. But do you know this thing that in India you can also find temples of Shakuni and Duryodhana?


The unique Shakuni temple in Kerala-

Even after their evil roles in Mahabharata, Duryodhana, Shakuni and Hidimba. They all have temples dedicated to them in India. There is a Shakuni Temple situated in the state Maharashtra. Just as there are temples for Ravana, Duryodhana, Karna, and Hidimba.


Shakuni- A person full of all the Gunas-

Shakuni was the maternal uncle of the Kauravas. He is considered as one of the evilest characters in Mahabharata. As per the Sanatan Dharma, every person has Gunas or qualities. Some people have negative qualities while some have positive qualities, but both of them are powerful.


The Shakuni temple-

There is a proof that Shakuni Tamasik (or negative) characteristics were clear in Shakuni. But he also had Sattwik (or positive) elements.


The positives of Shakuni-

These positive elements in his character are worshipped community in Kerala, India. These ancient people recognized his traits. Therefore, a temple is dedicated to Shakuni at Pavitreshwaram in Kollam District of Kerala.


An amazing name-

It is referred to as Mayamkottu Malancharuvu Malanada Temple. Located at Pavithreswaram near Kottarakkara, it is dedicated to Sakuni and is only one of its kind throughout the country.


The mighty throne-

This old temple has a holy throne. An ancient throne with mighty powers. IS believed to have been used by Shakuni. It is maintained by the Kaurava community of that region.


Method of worshipping-

There is no usual Puja or Tantrik rituals done at the Temple. Different kind of prayer is performed. And offerings include coconut and other religious things


During the Mahabharata times-

According to the tales, during the battle of Mahabharata, Shakuni traveled across the country with his nephews, the Kauravas. When they reached the place where the temple is located, the Kauravas divided their weapons amongst them. Since that time the place came to be known as ‘Pakuteshwaram’and was later named as Pavitreshwaram.


After the Mahabharata times –

After the battle of Mahabharata, the loss of Kauravas was huge. Shakuni returned to this very place and achieved ‘Moksha’ through the blessings of Lord Shiva and became a deity here.


The exotic offerings-

The temple is unique for the absence of rituals and tantric poojas. As in the case, most deities worshipped. Also, the offerings to the deity include Tender coconuts, toddy, arrack, cocks, sheep, silk threads or cloth etc.


Malakkuda Maholsavam festival-

The festival celebrated at the temple, popularly called as Malakkuda Maholsavam. The other deities kept in the Temple include Bhuvaneshwaree Devee, Kiraat Moorti and Naagaraaj. It falls on the 28th of the Makaram month. In accordance to the Malayalam calendar. The Thullal by the ‘ooralis’ carries ‘malakkuda’. And this is the main attraction of this festival.


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