The tree which fulfills individual’s wish


The tree which fulfills individual’s WISH

1. The Legendary story of Parijat Vraksh

Divine presence of God are said to be remain bestowed either in its mortal form or their imprints in the land of India. In the Indian ancient era, various epical events like Ramayana, Mahabharata or Samudra Manthan are proved to happen referring to their religious text which were highlighted with evidences.

2.Immortality gained with Nector

The pious drink of immortality (Amrit) is said to be appeared in the epic Samudra Manthan whose occurrence is mentioned in the Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana.

3. Samudra Manthan Emergence

It is said that along with the ‘amrita’ various other elements also appeared during the churning of the ocean of milk which are Halala (the deadliest poison), Goddess Laxmi, Varuni, Kamdhenu,Parijat, Chandra, Airavata, Apsara, Kaustubha, Dhanvantri, Ucchaisharavas and Sharanga who came holding the ‘immortality nectar’ pot in the end. This is one of the important epics written in the puranas.

4. Parijat Vraksh

The sacred baobab tree know as the Parijat is said to bossom with flowers that never fade or wilt. It has many divine value and told to taken to heaven by the Lord Indra who lead other lords.

5. Tree which is Blessed

This tree is attributed as the wishful tree as it revives people from pain, sorrow and tiredness with its mere touch. It is of such inviolable importance.

6. Lord Vishnu

Lord Indra sent this sacred tree back to the mortal world which is now located in the Kintur village, near Barabanki, Utter Pradesh on insistence of Lord Vishnu.

7. Unique leaves

This tree can neither be grown nor be planted using vegetative propagation nor does it produce any fruits or seeds as it is unisex and so it is said to a unique tree. The white flower that grows occasionally fades to yellow on drying. The flower is said to blossom usually after the Ganga Dusshera.

8. Leaves of Parijat

The leaves of the Parijat tree are said to look alike the human finger tips.

9. Exile of Pandava’s

During the Mahabharata when the Pandavas were serving exile along with their mother Kunti. The legend says that the emergence of this sacred tree Parijat was also dated.

10. Kunti’s offerings

Arjuna one of the beloved son’s of Kunti convinced Lord Indra to allow him to take the Parijat Vraksh to his mother as she couldn’t find any flowers to offer on Shiv linga.

11. Kalp Vraksh

Lord Indra planted the sacred Parijat tree in heaven after Samudra Manthan which is exclusively referred as the ‘Kalp-Vraksh’ in the Harivansh Purana.

12. Wishful tree

The day dedicated to worship Parijit Vraksh is Tuesday. Tying the sacred thread around the tree after the marriage by the newlyweds is considered auspicious. They are to get their desired wishes fulfilled is believed by the locals of Kintur.

13. Devotees attraction

The tree offers its pious flowers on the nearby Shiv-linga at the Lord Shiva temple attracting the nearby devotees. The sacred tree is said to hold a strong backdrop culture.

14. Medicinal values

Over the years the Parijat tree has been a curious research subject for the botanist. This tree surprises us by having lots of medicinal purpose along with its religious belief.

15. Postage stamp of Parijat

Many of us are unaware of the fact that this rich religious symbol belonging to the ancient Hindu mythology has been honored by the Indian Government by releasing a postal stamp..

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