Why We Should Not Wash Hair On Thursday

Why We Should Not Wash Hair On Thursday

                    Why We Should Not Wash Hair On Thursday

A few traditions, convictions and practices have run obsolete with the development of advanced society, normal intuition and an occupied life plan. Some age-old convictions among the Hindus don’t bolster washing hair on Thursdays. Give us a chance to talk about a few reasons given to this conviction and break down the issue from alternate points of view to take the right stand.

The myth

Thursdays are considered as the most propitious days to adore Brihaspati, the Lord of Jupiter who is additionally called as Guru. It is said that washing hair on Thursdays should keep the favors of Brihaspati and make individuals lose all their riches and thriving at home. There is a story that talks about this conviction finally.


Once there carried on a rich dealer and his wife. They both were carrying on with a cheerful and princely life. The house’s woman was a grumpy person and would not endure giving in philanthropy. When a poor person drew nearer her when the spouse was away and requested some sustenance. The woman answered that she was occupied with the family unit meets expectations and in this manner, he could come some other time.


Along these lines, the scene rehashed itself with the homeless person coming for a long time amid distinctive hours of the day and the woman denying to nourish him on the same reasons that she was exceptionally occupied. At the point when the hobo asked her when she would really be free, she got aggravated and said see with your own eyes, I am never free in my life. The poor person said, in such case, wash your hair on Thursdays and you might feel free in the end. Also there are many beliefs for why Thursday’s are bad for hair cut. 


The woman took the homeless person’s perspectives as an issue of fun and made it a practice to wash her hair consistently on Thursdays. In the long run the family lost all its riches and joy and came to boulevards. In their battle for even the every day bread, the homeless person at the end of the day came there and requested contributions. The woman reacted in all her hopelessness that they had no nourishment for themselves to eat.


Later the couple found that it was none else than Lord Brihaspati who came as the bum to fortify the thought of philanthropy in them. From that point forward, the woman abstained from washing her hair on Thursdays and began doing general pujas to Brihaspati on Thursdays wearing yellow garments and offering yellow blooms and dishes. Along these lines, soon the family became well off and now began offering contributions to homeless people and the penniless.

Another Belief

Yet another conviction says Thursdays are favorable for the love of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Mahalakshmi together and washing hair on Thursdays can turn down their gifts and make the house come up short on supplies and riches.


In spite of the fact that there are a few contentions and stories supporting the conviction of not washing hair on Thursdays, there is by all accounts no levelheaded ground to take after this custom. Be that as it may, if the enthusiasts are extremely specific, they may pick different days for hair washing.

In spite of the fact that there are likewise different stories precluding hair washing on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, it is along these lines prudent to do it on Sundays when you are moderately free and there is no story that stops you to do it on Sundays.


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